NASCAR Athletes and Hollywood Celebs- How They Stay In Shape

The Bottom Line About Popular Celebrity Workout Routines

There are plenty of TV, movie, and music stars that have built up an image of having an athletic body able to do their own stunts and wear a swimsuit at the beach. Many of these celebrities do spend a lot of time in the gym working with personal trainers¬† and use supplements to get the six-pack abs and tight shape that keeps the requests for gigs rolling in. However, does that mean that you should subscribe to everything an actor has to say about getting fit? Well, just like everything else in life, there are those that actually put out a great product and others that re-hash junk to get a fast payday. Let’s take a quick look at what makes some of the more popular celebrity workouts.

It Can Be Argued That If It Gets You Motivated That’s Half The Battle

This is actually one of the biggest and best arguments for just picking any fitness guru, star, or washed up actress that motivates you to just get started. Getting yourself up off the couch, and on your feet is more than half the battle in the war against fat and obesity. So, if one particular actress in tights is what works for you, it almost doesn’t matter if her workout routine is just mediocre, she got you started, and that’s great.

After that, if you feel lacking in your workout, you can always add more to the routines as they are presented in the workout video. Find a slightly better exercise that you can substitute for the planks, or jumping jacks when your celebrity does them and just fill in that time space with a better exercise. All of the exercises by any particular celebrity won’t be lame, in fact, most of them will be mainstream, so you’ll only have to replace maybe one, or two in an entire celebrity workout video to be complete.

You Have To Know That These Celebrities Worked For Their 6-Packs

One common misconception is that just because they are stars they didn’t have to work hard to get their physiques. Although many celebs use muscle supplements and metabolism boosters to gain muscle faster, they still must workout.¬† This is totally false as most of them spend hours in the gym every single day of their lives to maintain the body that gets them work. If the tabloids are taking pictures of them on the beach, then the movie producers are calling for their next acting job, it’s that simple.

When a popular celebrity makes a workout video they usually have help from several fitness experts in order to provide the kind of regimen that will be healthy, safe, and productive for their viewers. That way, even though they are using their celebrity status and know only the basics of working out, they can produce an excellent video that will help millions of people.

The real bottom line is that if you have a celebrity that you admire you should consider getting their workout video if it will inspire you to get fit. There could be a stunning pair of abs hiding under your belly fat right now and all you need to do is get up off the couch and get started working out. If one celebrity can do that for you, then that’s the one you should follow.